Boy Advice Needed!

Okay so I usually don't share these things with everyone but I need some objective opinions. There's this guy I reallllly like and we've been hanging out here and there for the last 6 months. We went out on a date and he was nice and holding my hand etc. and we hooked up and continued to be friends. Since then things have gotten more complicated. When I see him in person usually at parties he's kind of aloof, his friends tell me he's really bad at talking to girls he likes and that's what he's told me too. Anyway, we'll be snapchatting and texting nonstop one week and then I won't here from him the next. so basically we would talk on and off and hang out and hook up here and there. Eventually we had sex after hooking up about 4 times. I did it because I felt comfortable with him and even though I want more I'm not gonna push him into that. That was in January and I haven't seen him since. We haven't really been talking and he opens my snapchats a lot without responding. I know he likes me somewhat but I'm scared that his feelings aren't the same and he just wanted to hook up. His friends and my friends know about it so we're not keeping it strictly between us (which has happened to me before and makes me feel ashamed of it) so there's that. His behaviors point to that he doesn't like me like that but I try to justify it by saying he just is out of his realm here. Neither of us have been in a relationship. Sorry this is really long but I'm in desperate need of some girl help here