So sad!!!

I have 10 days left to delivery and things are moving along towards her coming early but today I wake up to the most depressing news. The IRS took all of our taxes. Smh I know I owed on student loans but I am in a program paying them back and no one from that program made me aware that I am still not out of default so needless to say I filed jointly with my new husband of almost a year. Not only did they take All the money but they waited the whole month until our expected deposit date to alert me. Glad we have most of the essential items for baby girl but now my husband is furious and I'm just getting depressed because I didn't know they would do this. I'm sitting in the tub stressed and in labor and I'm having mixed feelings about her coming soon because now my husband won't be able to take leave for too long because we have bills to pay and he is our only source of income. 😢😢I just wanted everything to be perfect when she comes, Nobody stressing but I guess not.