Infant daycare

Ok my mother in law currently watches my 2 yr old (being kind when I say watches cause she uses the tablet to baby sit while she plays on her phone and Facebook or whatever). I'm having another baby in May. I'm considering firing her and sending my then 3 yr old to a daycare/preschool and the baby as well it's the same one. But my kids have never been in day care. I use to be a stay at home mom but when I divorced 1st hubby that changed. Now I'm the bread winner. So with current hubby do I try to work out the issues with his mom or say to heck with it and paid the 200$ a week for the care?  Also tonsay my 2ye old is picky is grossly understated. She lives on cheese sandwiches, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, cookies, crackers only cheese it's, and some cereal. Only way I can get fruit/veggies in her is with a smoothie cause she doesn't know. The daycare won't let you bring food so that is an issue. Anyway I just don't know what to do, super frustrated, just want my kids to be well cared for and oh ya I work from home if it isn't for my husband and I preparing diapering and clothing out kiddo it wouldn't get done. Like seriously we tried it for a week. Worst week ever. What's keeping me from the daycare is germs, my daughters social anxiety and the food isssue cause it's a struggle to keep pounds on the child. 

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