Feeling bad for an ex..

Just wondering why I'm feeling badly for my ex. We've stayed in touch a little and now he's going to be homeless with his 17 year old he gained custody of.  Back story: He found out last year through DNA she was his.  Her mom was killed when she was 4. She's been with him and his old roommates who are a couple for 3 weeks and idk the whole story but basically they are being thrown out.  I still care but as a friend only now.  Have any of you ladies stayed in touch as friends with your life beginning to go pretty well while there's seems to be difficult. I said I'd talk to him after he gets off work.  That's all I can do.  He said he feels lost...I'm in a good relationship now.  I don't feel as if talking to my ex is cheating because there are no motives.  What was I saying anyway? Think this is more of a venting post.  Just wish well for him.