Breastfeeding is so stressful...Please help!

I'm on my third child and third attempt at breastfeeding. With my first I only lasted about 2 weeks and gave up. My second I pumped my life away for 5 months because she wouldn't latch on. The first week with my third was going great. I was even pumping after feeding him and building storage for when I go back to work. Now he refuses to wake up to nurse during the day. I've tried EVERYTHING. I feel like I'm not producing as much as I was before. When I go to pump instead of getting 5-6 oz I'm getting maybe 3. What's a good routine for pumping and nursing if my baby won't wake up until later in the day? I've already spoken to the doctor. He is gaining weight and has a good amount of diapers he just refuses to wake up. Please help. I don't want to have to use formula.