Went into L&D 37w2d


Went into L&D tonight for severe pelvic pressure pain that I've been having ALL day. It's been so bad that I could barely walk. 

On top of that I also had a hard time feeling baby move, so I started freaking out when I tried to do my kick counts several times today. 

I also noticed how tight my stomach has been most of the day. 

I decided I was being silly and needed to eat some lunch and drink a bunch of juice and water and THEN do my kick count. Once I layer down to prepare for the count I started having contractions that were pretty painful but irregular. 

Husband decided it was time for me to go to the hospital to ease my mind and body. 

Baby is fine, but my contractions are all over the damn place, some I can feel some I can't and it doesn't matter how "strong" they are.

After some time I was told I can go home and not to worry until my worry breaks or the contractions get stronger. 

Well, here I am, hours later STILL having these irregular contractions that vary from strong to mild to OMFG... 

I have an appointment with my OB tomorrow, I hope she can give me some advice, guidance or something.. because I'm hurting so badly. 

Anyone else felt with this? Know what it means? 

False labor is horrid..