Am I only diminishing my milk supply even more?


My baby is a month old, for the past week he fusses at the boob every single afternoon like he's starving and not getting enough milk, he'll latch, pull and squirm, unlatch, cry and then stuff his hands in his mouth over and over like hes starved, but the second I give him formula in a bottle he's happy, eats and sleeps.

Because of this Ive been having to substitute formula every afternoon (I use to try and pump but I dont get alot with pumping, not enough for a full feed for him).

My question is, with me substituting formula like this every afternoon, am I diminishing my milk supply even more??

I WANT to exclusively BF but he just seems to fuss and cry too much every afternoon and I don't have the heart to deny him a full tummy of milk....even if it is formula 😔

P.S. His weight is increasing well.