Did your work do anything?

I miscarried the beginning of January and had a dilation and evacuation on 2/17/2017. My job didn't do anything for me after I miscarried and I didn't expect them to, but after I had surgery I thought I might get a card or something. I didn't miss any work, just the day of surgery and it was a Friday so I was back on Monday. A coworker of mine had a cyst on her butt that ended up being quite infected and she was admitted to the hospital and this morning they sent a card around the office for her. I had my first pregnancy suctioned out of my uterus and all I got was a "how ya feelin"? It really hurts my feelings.
As I was posting this someone came in and said the coworker is going into surgery for her infection. While this infection is obviously very serious, it still hurts that an infected cyst gets more attention than the loss of life.
    **update 2**
the doctor's wife (I work in a surgeon's office), the office manager, and our PR lady just brought me flowers and cupcakes.