expecting AF Mar 6

Hello there!! My name is sarrah and I'm a "teacher" in a local After School program here in North Carolina. (Basically I'm a glorified baby sitter.) I watch 30ish kids every day and help 8 of them specifically with homework. Grades K and 1. And get paid less than I pay my babysitter per hour 😫😫
My husband and I have been married 4 years and are 6 months in TTC#2. Our daughter is 2 but my OBG has some concerns. I scheduled a diagnostic laparoscopy for March 10 and just realized that AF is due March 6 (one day before hubby's bday and every year I'm on my period for his bday 😳🙄)
Anyways, I usually have a 26-29 day cycle. AF due March 6. Checked ovulation this month and found that Glows ovulation estimates were off for me, so hoping this is our month!! Anyone want to be Cycle Buddies??