Welcome to Assisted Fertility!


Welcome to the San Diego Assisted Fertility Group!

Here at Glow, we are all too aware of the often lonely ups and downs of the fertility journey. As a result, we know that groups like this one are among the most essential groups on Glow. It is where women can come to share their journeys and talk about the next steps. This room is a place of support, hopes and dreams. And it only has two rules and one request:

1. Be kind

2. Absolutely NO BFP posts of any kind. Not ever. Of course, you may announce your BFP in an existing thread to your friends but please never create a new thread just to announce a BFP.

And the one request: Please do not join this group unless

* You are under 35 and have been TTC for more than a year.

* You are over 35 and have been TTC for more than six months.

* You have a pre-existing condition that affects TTC. 

Please help us make this room the most supportive place on Glow. Thank you!