UPDATE! husband never tells me what time he'll be home

Married 6 years and have 2 kids. I'm 25 he's 29. Husband recently made a new group of friends at work and is home less and less these days. He goes out most weekends (both days) and doesn't come home til late and is usually home late from work on the weekdays. I know he isn't cheating because he's not that kind of guy at all (very religious).  The irritating thing is he NEVER gives me a heads up on when he's going to be gone with his friends or when he's going to be home late from work. It's frustrating when I make dinner for the time he gets off work and some days he'll just stroll through the door two hours late without as much as a phone call. Any time he goes on his dirt biking week ends with his friends he can never tell me what time he'll be home either and tells me he doesn't know he'll be home when he's home. Both our kids are under two so I have my hands full with cleaning, play grounds, Drs appts, cooking etc and I never get to go anywhere because he tells me the kids are my job while their this young since I'm a SAHM. I'm so drained and feel like he acts like a bachelor even though he has a family. Anytime I tell him how I feel he acts all offended and tells me I'm just jealous that he gets to go places and I don't. We moved states recently so i have no family or friends here (since I go no where I could make friends). Whenever he is home he sleeps in until 2pm and then when he gets up tells me how much he loves me and acts all lovey dovey so I won't give him shit for getting up so late when I've been up since 6am. Talking about it never works either because he somehow always turns it around on me about how the house isn't clean enough or something (which is crap because I can't stand a messy or dirty home). What do I do? Tonight he was supposed to be home at 5 and it's now 6 and when I called him to see where he was he said he's over at his best friends and will be home when he's home😒😩
UPDATE: he came home at 630, played with the kids for 5 minutes, grabbed some tools and left to his friends house to go work on his dirt bike leaving me to do bedtime alone with two babies for the millionth time. Again didn't tell me when he'd be home. He also told me during the 5 minutes he was home that he's going to be gone all day Sunday. I feel so drained.