Can you love a broken man?


My fiancé is a broken man. At least, that's what he calls himself.

He was born premature to a teen mom.

He was born dead and then revived.

His father was never involved.

His mother was abused.

He lost the only man in his life to murder.

He was homeless for a summer.

He tried to commit suicide.

He has autism.

He has OCD and PTSD.

He has depression and anxiety.

He has irritable bowel syndrome.

He has trouble with his motor skills.

He has a hole in his heart.

He can see ghosts.

He has insomnia.

He has night terrors when he gets sleep.

He has agoraphobia (anxiety about leaving the house).


Despite being afraid to go out in public, he forced himself to meet me after seeing me on an online dating site. He forced himself to talk to me and to meet my parents. He continually fights to get a college education. If you saw him, you might think he was autistic, but only if you are naturally perceptive. He looks normal. Our love story is a beautiful one because it took perseverance on both sides to get where we are today. I CAN love a broken man, and I am so proud of my warrior!