He's got so mad at me!

My boyfriend is so mad at me! He didn't want to take me home last night. He said my mom can be an adult and pick me up, but she's scared to drive expressways (when my mom was a lot younger she was in a BAD accident, and he knows this)

Well I called a friend of mine instead, and he got so angry. I guess because last year before we met I was at party there was a picture of us being stupid, and we kissed on the lips (we were just being stupid and both 100% stright) We was so so mad I called her, And not my Mom. We grab my stuff I had there put it in a bag, and told me to go be with my girlfriend. I grab him by the arm to talk to him (as in hey come here) he took out his phone, and dialed 911, but didn't hit the call button. He said he doesn't know what I'm capable of. I was just crying my eyes out the whole time.

Now I have to prove myself to him, and he never wants to talk to my friend again. He said too my mom needs to grow the fuck up, and get over her child anxity. He Also punch the wall when I was crying, and telling him I'm sorry I kissed a girl We are just friends.

I don't know what to do! He was so mad