stopped smoking for our family!! need ideas! 😍

Samantha ⚓️
I need help!! My fiancé quit smoking almost 6 months ago in efforts for our relationship. I caught her lying to me and things went south. Well we are a lesbian couple, let me say. She wants to carry as well (we both will carry for our family) and I will not support someone smoking while pregnant if I am in a relationship with that person. So unfortunately, she had to pick. It was our family or the cigarettes. Well being with me and our hopeful family to come, was more important!! :D 
Well on March 4, it will be 6 months with no smoking. I want to show her that I am beyond proud of her and want her to know it! 
What are things I could do?! I need ideas. I want to have a nice surprise for her but no idea what to do. Please give me ideas of what I can do for a surprise and show her I am beyond proud of her!! 
(She is my stud 😍😍)
Edit!!  I have been on this group on Facebook where you get other people in different parts of the world to make you signs! I have people saying 
Samantha's appreciation for you is so big
It has reached (location"
Think if I get all those printed out and make a big collage or scrapbook, it would be a good surprise of being proud and appreciative?!  (Example in pictures) 
IF ANYONE WOULD LIKE YO ADD INTO THIS SURPRISE... maybe send me a picture like the sample picture? I can add yours and you can be involved in this moment :)