*UPDATE - So my MIL is pissed at me and my husband

*UPDATE- I realize now that you all only are basing your opinion off of the little information I have shared with you and are not aware of our everyday lives we go through with the bio mom. We do more than enough for our daughter and there is something going on with the bio mom every single day. This time, we decided we would let her handle it, & you know what? She was at work in the AM & because of this post I went on her twitter and she was at the club last night night. One thing I did take from some of y'alls advice is to just take babygirl out of a situation she isn't wanted if the bio mom doesn't want to take care of her. I get that. Although, It is funny to see how when the stereotyped roles are reversed and there's a dead beat mom in the situation, so many people are saying how fucked up I am and my husband are as parents that are co-parenting. If it were the other way around, I think many of you would talk about how my husband is shitty and should be able to take care of his daughter for one night. That's all. Thanks for the advice! ------------------------------------------------------------------ Last night my step daughters mom texted him saying she didn't feel good and wanted him to pick his 3 year old daughter up so she could get some rest. She hasn't had her spend the night anything but twice this week. Also, I'm 33 weeks pregnant and feel completely miserable in my 3rd trimester so far.. I've had to go to the ER 3xs and it just hasn't been easy. 
My husband decided that he wasn't going to go pick her up... it was 9:30PM and bed time anyway. My MIL felt the need to call and ask if we were going to pick the baby and after us telling her no, she was clearly frustrated. Well my step daughter was supposed to get dropped off to me this morning but her mom was running late and took her to work with her at Hooters. I told her that after I showered, ate and got myself ready that I would be up there to get her. Well when I was finally on my way there, my MIL called, saying that my husband should have picked her up last night and that our daughter was probably up by herself all night with no one to watch her bc she's knows how the real mom is and etc... 🙄 I know for a fact that when everyone is laying down, the baby lays down too and it was bed time so her argument was just ridiculous. I told her that I didn't care about the real mom being sick and that I watch the baby ALL THE TIME when I feel like shit! The real mom doesn't give a damn, and I never ask anyone for help. I make it happen .. well my MIL got all upset with me and hung up on me. She is constantly butting in and just in the middle of everything.. always jumping when the real mom says jump and I'm annoyed. I feel like her real mom should watch her when she's not feeling good... I know that when my baby gets here, there no way I'm asking someone to pick my baby up because I don't feel well unless I have to go to the hospital. My MiL tried to tell me how the real mom is a single mom and all that bullshit.. we have my step daughter all the damn time. Idk.. I guess I'm just venting. Should my husband have picked her up last night? She obviously wasn't that sick because she got up and went to work this morning.