is he just using me?

Okay this is gonna be a long one but I seriously need help. So basically I'm 16, I went to a party last week and met this boy, then we started talking that night. Then the next day we went out together and all was well, then we went back to his house and did stuff. I feel like such an idiot for doing it, but I hadn't kissed anyone in like a year and a half and it was a really in the moment thing. We did everything but sex and I feel so ashamed of myself. I went round there a few more days as well last week and he was fine but we didn't do anything so I was happy. Now we've gone back to school though he's been barely messaging me and I'm starting to get worried. I feel like hes only used me. Then last night he said he didn't know whether it was just friends or more because we still don't know each other that well. Then he basically suggested we still talk and that like we are now (basically kissing, flirting and doing stuff) but we just do it as friends. He talks to so many other girls which I was fine about as long as he didn't meet them or do stuff with them or anything. He's basically just suggesting a friends with benefits kinda situation. Originally I thought I'd be fine about it but now I'm realising that I think I'm just gonna get used. I'm so devasted and don't know what to do. He's the first boy that's paid attention to me in ages and that's the reason I think I'm latching on so much. I don't know what to do. Some days I'm fine about it some days I'm not. It's just the fact he barely ever messages me but in person we're fine. I feel like anytime any boy ever messages me it's because he wants me to either send me a nude or do stuff with him. It genuinely like makes me so upset that no one ever wants me for me. I need advice, do I call things off now or do I wait and see if anything else could happen?🤕