Too anxious for dating apps...

It's been a year since my last relationship, and I'm not the sort of person who gets into them that easy. I'm in my last year of school before uni and because of study (and the fact that I'm not popular enough to get invited to parties) I can't meet people. My friend recently met a new boyfriend through tinder, and I've been considering downloading a dating app to try it too.
A slight problem is that because of my anxiety I find this very difficult. I keep downloading one and then deleting it, trying to sign up and then getting scared and deleting it, that sort of thing. My parents are kinda against it but I'm 18 and I know how to keep myself safe.... but I'm still scared. I keep coming back to it because I'm so lonely and jealous of my friend, but something is stopping me from ever going through with using one.
Basically I guess what I'm asking is for help trying to be less anxious about it, or for any "nicer" apps than tinder. Does anyone have any reccomendations on what I should do?