My lil belly isn't so little anymore!

First of all just let me say, I'm a second time momma, so (no offense to those who do,) I'm not one of the moms to exaggerate the size of my growing belly, because I know there's a long time for me to be very large I don't want want to rush it hahaha so with that said ... I'm only coming up on week 14 and I'm having a hard time imagining that I will make it till month 9 haha I know there was a lot of room there, and I admittedly did have a little bit of a pudge (a souvenir from baby #1 haha) but even after bathroom breaks, smaller meals and all, this little bump is refusing to go down any smaller! I'm just now starting to experience the extreme soreness in my back and under my shoulder blades I suppose from the extra weight and stretching muscles, is there anyone out there experiencing these things so early? I know I can't be the only one so I would love to hear from you. Wishing all of you expecting mommies lots of sleep, love & well wishes! Haha😊👶👍💕