please help!!

I went in to a private ultrasound studio at 16weeks, the doctor told me girl, I was just curious what others think, I posted it in a lot of other places and I think people have gotten the abdomen above the arrow confused with a penis. What I'm most concerned about is not seeing three lines. It's just a black, blank space. You can see where her legs are and where her feet are, this is from a front view and she had her legs crossed until I jumped around a little and she finally opened up. If someone could please help me ease my mind that it's still very much a girl I'd appreciate it! I have another ultrasound next Wednesday for my 19week appt. My doctor likes to guess based on the heart beat and the entire time he has said girl. He guessed with all my moms kids and was right. So if someone could point out why it's a girl that would really help me !!