Ladies! 😍

Mandy β€’ 24, first time mommy to a little BOY. married to my very best friend 😍
I feel like I need to give my husband a small shout out. While we have in no way had a perfect relationship, and this pregnancy has not been easy (for either of us) he has managed to be exactly the man I needed him to be. From the time we found out about sweet Oliver, to now, he has completely steppedΒ up. He also tries really hard to make me feel like everything is okay, even when I am losing my mind (usually over nothing, lol) and as I realize I'm in an awkward stage in my pregnancy where I just look like I've had several large lunches.. He will feed me French fries and simultaneously make me feel beautiful, and THAT takes a special kind of man πŸ˜‚πŸ’™ he is everything I ever hoped for. My perfect partner. And already an amazing father to our boy. I'm over the moon, and completely in love with my little family.Β