Might be breaking up with the guy I lost my virginity to.

I've only been with my boyfriend for like two months officially. I have had two other boyfriends before but I didn't do anything with them. I trusted the guy I am with now I truly fell for him but now we might break up. My parents are really strict I'm almost 21 and my dad doesn't let me stay out past 10 and he's really controlling he doesn't even want me to have a bf. I had told my boyfriend this before we started dating but he said he understood and made me feel special and accepted for the way I was. Now he's saying that it's hard being with someone he can't go out and have fun with. He thought things would progress and change for us after a while but he's tired of it not changing. He wants to continue the relationship and see if it works out, but it seems like we are just going to break up to be honest. Even though I love him and loved him when I lost it to him I can't help but regret giving it to him. He made me believe he was one way and turned out to be different. Now I'm hurt and I don't know how to handle this pain and this feeling. We haven't even officially broke up but I always wanted my first to be my only sexual partner. Has anybody else been through this kind of situation? Any advice?