Anyone else induced and ended up with an emergency c-section?

Hey mamas! Hopefully everyone that has been complaining along with me has delivered safely and holding their little angels. 
Anyone else go in to be induced expecting to deliver vaginally and ended up with a c- section? 
I went in Monday night and after some complications with me and the baby, cervix only dilating 4cms, baby starting to mold through the 4cms, epidural, anesthesia, cervidil, cytotec, having my water broken, antibiotics for GBS+ and nubane.....I ended up having to deliver our son 30 hours later because I just don't have child bearing hips and my pelvis would not allow my son to pass. 
On Wednesday morning at 5:31 am, my son, Hudson Isadore, was delivered at 6.6 lbs and 19 inches. What a gorgeous little boy he is. 
I swelled up about 3x my size and c-section delivery is the worst recovery! I'm having a hard time emotionally because I feel so debilitated and want to enjoy every minute of my angel instead of having to deal with the pain physically. Any other mamas go through this?