husband 🙄

My husband is killing my soul jussssst a little lately. 
My mom watches our son on fridays. And may or may not like to buy him toys just because (he is the only grandson). We talked to her about making him earn the toys by helping out and doing chores because well it's out of hand. So today he got a new toy. He was excited because he helped with dishes and got a toy. My husband was pissed about it. "The 4 year old did NOT do dishes" even though he has seen him help me with dishes a number of times. 
So. That happen. Then I hinted to him it'd be nice for him to carry laundry up from the basement for me. It was like I asked him to pick up a car, literally go outside and lift it. 🙄
Then as I'm finally sitting down eating the dinner I made he sits there talking about how hot my ob is, for 10 god damn minutes! 
I jut looked at him and said "hey don't fucking mind your pregnant wife feeling like a fucking whale!"
Arg. He's worked the last 10 days (3rd shift) I wish he was working the next 10 til baby comes.