what does an orgasm feel like?

So I've never had a bf before, never kissed, never anything before my bf now. Never even masturbated, and still haven't haha I have like some weirdo anxiety issues with my body, specifically that area. When we like make out it usually escalates to him fingering me. We don't have sex bc I want to wait for a long time before I even venture into that for many reasons haha but anyway The first couple times we did this, he asked me if I came because he was a little self conscious and I told him yes though I honestly had no idea what an orgasm was supposed to feel like and like now, seven months into the relationship, I still don't know like if I ever actually orgasm or if it just feels super good like.. does anything physically happen with the vagina orgasm? (I'm cis female) or is it simply a 'feels amazing' deal?