"best friend" rant ahead

So I have this one friend and I do so much for her. I'm always paying for our food because she claims to never have money, I drive her around all the fucking time (and we live like 25 minutes away from each other). The other day I had to get my car towed and she was with me, she drove me to the repair place and then home & then to go pick it back up. It was probably a total of like 20 minutes. She has the nerve to ask me for $10 in gas money, (I literally was told to stay the night at her house one night so I could drive her to work in the morning, I was told by her parents & I never got a dime from her.) I also bought us lunch that day, I'm so fucking annoyed. What kind of friend is that? 😡😡😡😡 
I just wanted to rant