symptom spotting will be the death of me!

I'm seriously picking every little thing this month! Starting at about 9 dpo I had a random bout of diahrrea (gross I know) then I've been aches pulling sensations from my pelvic and uterus, some of the things I used to love eating just don't sound good, 10 dpo I was so thirsty I drank like 120oz of water I had felt like I was drinking well enough water but still feeling so thirsty, 11 dpo yesterday water just tasted awful almost like metal. I've felt bloated since 8dpo and then this morning my dogs normally always jump on me and they will normally stand or lay on my stomach this morning they are completely working around my stomach! Ugh I want it all to mean it's happening but I'm so scared to get my hopes up and get that BFN next week when i decide to test!