Moving up wedding?

I'm in a little panic right now. I'm not going to make any decisions without my fiance or without knowing 100% but the doctors are nearly positive my granny has lukimeia (whatever lol I can't spell medical terms) and the whole 4 years we have been dating my granny(actually his grandma but she's pretty well adopted me into her family and she's mine as much as his) she's wanted nothing more than me and my fiance to get married. We finally got engaged this last December. We were shooting for August but I'm terrified she's not going to make it that long. She went to the ER this morning in super bad shape. Our wedding is pretty well done. I need to get my dress (Im getting it from from a local dress shop so no need to order super early like normal wedding stores) and that's all we need. All of my bridesmaids need to get their dresses and that'll have them all done. We have the wedding part done but we have been fixing up a house to live in when we are married and it's all done except for the water line needs connected back (was taken apart for winter) and we need to put our wood stove in (about $300 thing and nearly a week job).

Should we move the wedding up and start working our butts off to finish this stuff up?? Or leave it and risk her not being there?? I just don't know what to do. This has just came as a huge shock. She's pretty old and in the condition we took her to the ER in today.. I don't know if she will get out if the hospital anytime soon..

* Also want to say we live with her. We both moved in with her when her spouse died to care for her and be there when she needs us. So if she ends up passing away from this..we will be living in her house and that's just not an option. I could not live there after she has past. That's why I'm wondering if we need to have the house done ASAP. . Not that I'm planning for her death (honestly I know it sounds that way..we just need to be prepared) but I'm just.. scared.