Not having a friend be a bridesmaid

I have been married for 2 years so this is in the past. I had 7 bridesmaids in my wedding. I would have preferred less, maybe more like 5 , but I had so many friends that I wanted to include, and so did my husband. One of my best friends I chose not to include. I debated it for a while but she was having some drama with another one of my best friends, who was definitely going to be a bridesmaid because we were so close, and she also said that she hated the color purple so she wouldn't want to wear a purple dress in the wedding. I had picked the color purple for my wedding. She kept saying " I hope I am a bridesmaid" like assuming she was going to be one. And kept mentioning that she hated purple and all. So it kind of bothered me and I didn't want anybody to be uncomfortable because of her and my other friend having issues. So I decided not to have her be a part of it. But now I regret it because we have gotten even closer over the past few years since and with her thinking she would have been In the wedding makes me feel bad. It kind of got brought up once in conversation recently and I felt like I needed to tell her that I regret not having her in my wedding but I had too many friends to choose from. Do you think that is ok or do you think it was best to just leave it alone? Do you think I had made the right choice? I know it was forever ago but I think about it sometime and I feel bad.