omg my MIL is crazy

Sorry this is long but I need to vent and possibley get advice on how to handle this. So I've posted before about my mil. She's always been a bit annoying but when we told her I was pregnant at 8 weeks, she went out and purchased an entire nursery set with bedding and mobile, while my husband and I appreciated the gesture we kindly returned everything and gave her money back because this is our first baby and we wanted to have some say in the nursery( plus it was way too early) but we invited her to go with us when we chose things. She seemed to understand but haven't seen her much since but also pretty normal to not see her more then once a month. Well I used to work with my mil but we decided when I got pregnant I'd be a sahm. So I left my work place a few months ago. Well I still keep in touch with a very close friend that works there but haven't seen each other in awhile. Today she called me and was being kind of weird asking "if I was showing yet or gained weight" normal pregnancy stuff but she's not the kinda person to do that. So I said was something wrong. She told me my mil was at work telling everybody that I'm extremely fat now, I am big all over and my belly is absolutely huge and she doesn't think I'll be able to carry to term. ( trust this girl completely has been a great friend for years never fight or have problems)Now I'm just shy of 19 weeks and actually lost 5 pounds since I became pregnant because I was sick a lot and I'm barely showing. I am a bigger girl but not obese my whole family is just a bigger build. But this really hit me hard because weight is a sensitive issue as i know I'll never be a skinny girl just by genetics. Idk how to approach her about this now and tell her that her comments are not needed to anyone and upset me. She obviously thinks this is ok. My husband has texted her 3 times today since we heard this incident and she has yet to reply. Please tell me I'm not the only one dealing with an mil like this I'm just so fed up dealing with her antics. thanks for allowing me to vent😩😑