I been pregnant 3 times already

Fatima • Fatima Mairaj
I been pregnant 3 times already. I have 2 beautiful boys 5 and 6. In 2013 I was pregnant for the 3rd time with a little girl, along 24 weeks of my pregnancy I didn't feel her one day and went to the e.r. My doctor came in and told me she is no more and I was devistated. I lost my little baby girl on December 6 2013. After that I was on nexoplanon birth control until 2016 of October. Now me and my husband were TTC for the first time in our lives because we were blessed by a surprise in the past. Soon God blessed us with our rainbow 👶. Currently expecting 4weeks along. 
I pray for everyone who's TTC to have a beautiful result in the end. 
Healthy 9 month pregnancy to everyone