Brought a clearblue test tonight.

I'm not a fan of blue dye tests, but I figured since I'm about a week or so late I'd test with one....I also want to add I've been having a huge amount of snot like slippery (tmi)discharge when I wipe I've tested with fr and had faints. I thought lines would get darker if I was pregnant by now even on a blue dye. But who knows I could have had a late ovulation, or what not. So I took this test at 10pm and within a minute I had a vvvfl show up. Within time frame so that's why I'm freaking out. I took a Walmart cheapie two days ago and it looked negative so I'm not sure if anyone else had these tests and had any experience with these? I really hope it's a vvvfl. And please tweak if you can. My camera isent the best.