what would you do ? pregnant and working

So I am 34w and I have been doing laundry at a hotel on the weekends this includes lifting wet towels in and out of the dryers and washers and lots of bending and heavy lifting. I had to leave early last weekend because of the horrible siatica nerve pain and my feet feeling like they literally have bruises on the bottom of them. I've been pushing myself through the pains for the last few months and I was supposed to work tomorrow and my baby shower was today and I've been on my feet all day (I threw my own shower) and  I'm literally in so much pain Im crying, my public bone hurts & burns, my back is throbbing and my feet swollen and sore. I called my job to let them know I won't be coming in tomorrow because I'm in so much pain and I don't wanna over do it and hurt myself and the manger was pretty much begging me to still come in because they have sooo much laundry to do and need my help. I once again said I'm sorry but I'm in lots of pain and I don't want to over do it, she kept arguing back saying well you don't come in until the afternoon anyways so you have all night to rest and morning to rest ? And I was like honestly the timing doesn't matter I've been up and non stop the last two days and I need to rest, my health is more important to me at this point and I don't want to over due it. She got upset said okay fine feel better bye and hung up on me. At this point I'm only working to have extra cash and kill time. I just feel like it was really rude and inconsiderate of my manager to continue to try to get me to work after I've exspressed how much pain I'm in and I wanna just be done with them. How would u guys handle this situation ?