Anyone experience noticeable blood in urine?

Hi ladies! Wondering if anyone else has an idea  on what I may have going on. Before I get into what's currently happening, a little back story - @ 20 weeks I was diagnosed with a kidney infection and kidney stone. Placed on a daily antibiotic for the remaining pregnancy. Fast forward to today (34 and 5 days); I noticed my urine very dark in color, first time using the bathroom in the morning. 2nd time same thing but no discoloration on the TP. 3rd time - until now, very dark (noticeable blood mixed with urine) and visible discoloration on TP only after urinating. I did call the on call OB and they did not seem concerned but also did not seem to want to listen to my concerns. They did not provide me with any insight on what they thought it could be either. So my question is, has anyone experienced this or have any idea what could be going on?