Gestational Diabetes??

I failed my one hour test with a 165. 
I failed my three hour test with numbers 1-2 points higher than the scale my doctors office uses which was not the same scale I found on the internet. 
Either way, they prescribed me a meter and got a dietician to write me up a meal plan. 
I've been eating how she's told me to eat for the past 8 days and testing four times a day. 
However, my fasting blood sugar is always between 80-90. 
My 2 hours after breakfast is always 75-84 
My 2 hours after lunch (45-60 carbs) is 97 
And I'm lucky if my two hours after dinner is anything higher than 110. However usually stays. Under 100. 
My question is whether those even sound like diabetic numbers. Yes I'm eating well, but apparently my numbers should still be higher. Do I have to continue pricking myself 4 times a day? Obviously I'll ask my doctor, but I got a week until my next appointment. Just curious what y'all had for an experience.