Relationship question.

Alrighty, to start my husband and i have alot in common but one always have a major problem. He likes to be at home allllllll the time. I dont mind being home if we spend time together but we dont. So i like to go out and about.

We got a gym membership due to the fact we had a little girl 6months ago. I want to feel good about myself and he loves to works out. I thought it would be a good bonding method. Well we are both off today and my in laws wanted to watch the baby. I thought we would go but we will not be going today. Keeping in mind he gets to go 5 days a week easyily if he wants because he gets a 1 hour lunch. I do get a break but can not leave for mine so i only get to go on days off. I feel like ill never get to feel good about myself and he will.

I would like to add i cant drive and we have had this for almost a month and i havent been able to go yet..... i have talked to him.

Please any advice, am i wrong for feeling the way i do. Should i just stuff my face when i feel like it and hope i feel good to myself one day. 😔😔😔