Everyone who is pregnant needs to be aware of rare, but possible nerve damage during delivery. I delivered my baby July 29, 2016 and after the epidural wore off I had no feeling in my outer calves and feet. I was tested and tested and the neurologist couldn't figure out what was wrong. I was sent home with a walker. After many months I discovered an old yahoo group article that lead me to a Facebook group with other women like me. The doctor's have not been able to diagnose me, but based on my symptoms I have bilateral paroneal nerve damage that resulted in bilateral drop foot and temporary paralysis of my calves, ankles, and feet. It has been 7 months and I don't know when I'll be completely healed (or if I'll completely heal). There is also damage to the femoral nerve that is possible. This affects the quad muscles. From what I understand some factors that cause these types of damage are long labors, not being moved into different positions while laboring with epidural, big babies, using stirrups, legs being pulled back too far, and using vacuum suction. It is possible to have damage even with a c-section. Please please please make the OBGYN community more aware of these rare, but devastating nerve damage possibilities!