enough is enough.

If dealing with having a baby five weeks ago isn't enough... how about throw an abusing relationship onto of it all. I am so worn down, emotionally more than anything. Four weeks after having this baby we had a domestic where I ended up calling the cops because he was throwing my things onto the lawn. Literally right after having a baby. Throughout this pregnancy he has gotten drunk an pushed me an I have fallen multiple times, he not once has said sorry, instead has told me it was my fault, I was in his way or I started the argument, or he was defending himself. I brushed it off everytime an thought maybe he didn't mean it, or deep down he truly was sorry for his actions. So I stayed, using the weak excuse of, we both come from broken families so I'll try to be the one working on it as to prevent that. He has called me a cunt, a useless piece of shit, a pshychotic bitch and a waste of skin, again I stay like a coward. Last night, I came downstairs frustrated because our daughter wouldn't sleep. So in an angry tone I said your turn, I can't get her to sleep. Mind you it's been me. Every night with her as he fixes things in the garage or is busy. He has spent two nights with her, her entire life. So ya I'm tired. An I get impatient an then feel bad for getting that way. So I tried opening up saying, k I would like to talk.. I am dealing with a lot, trying to get my body back, my emotions back, and getting no sleep. That's post Partum is a major thing. He told me I was feeling sorry for myself like I had done my entire pregnancy, an told me if I feel so awful move the Fuck out an I don't like you anyways. I cried all night. Nothing like kicking someone when they are down. I'm done. I see now, he doesn't support me, care about me, or understand what love is. I am done. I can't even look at him. There is a special place in hell for men like him.