I feel uncomfortable going to his place now...


My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 months. Before we would see everyday but since we both got a new jobs two and live a good distance away we started seeing less, from everyday to twice or once a month. He is the cuddly type and would always ask me to come over but my work schedule would always get in the way and I felt bad for not being there. He ended up cheating on me with some girl he met at the gym the weekend after I came to visit, and he felt so bad about it he told me right after I left. He apologized like crazy and emedietly asked to work things out. I thought I could never forgive him this is the fist time he's done this but I decided it's my decision and we both still care for each other so I forgave him and we talked alot about what we wanted.

He wants me to come over to his place but now I feel uncomfortable because he shared his bed with another girl. Regardless I made it very clear what he did was dissapointing and he betrayed my trust. I told him I'll never go to his place. But now that we're trying to work things out, there really is no place for us to be alone, his place was the only escape where we could just be together and now I'm having second guesses about "never" coming over again. Just the thought of another girl there with him will drive me crazy and I want to hold on to the last of my pride.

Thoughts? Opinions? I just need some advice or if anyone has gone through this and how they delt with it. Thanks!!