His cum is clear 😖

My hubby has become my human sex toy since the middle of my second trimester. I literally need to have it 3 times a day or the minimum 2x a day. I know that seems ridiculous but having an orgasm helps me sleep, helps me function and relieves all the stress surrounding my pregnancy. He has been a trooper for the past few weeks but now he is complaining that his weenie hurts. He's always too sore and he's essentially empty. (Which I believe because his cum looks like water now). I feel horrible but I am also irritated when we don't have sex. I just feel so grouchy.

I use my toys at last resort but they only give me mild relief as I can only obtain a vaginal orgasm (very strong and satisfying) through vaginal sex. Sex toys give me a mild clitoral orgasm. Sorry to be graphic.

Any advice ladies?