Is it bad/silly/stupid to want to know your baby's gender before birth?

Nikki • Mother of two angels & 1 rainbow baby, Lillian.
I'm in tears right now because, after my grandma just lectured me a couple weeks ago, my dad just lectured me for the THIRD time about how silly it is that we are finding out gender next weekend at 23 weeks. I feel like everyone is jumping down my throat and criticizing, when this should be an exciting time! They claim that it should be a surprise and we shouldn't care what it is, it shouldn't matter. I'll be ecstatic if it's a boy OR a girl!!!! ...Especially after two losses last year. We want to know because we are EXCITED, we want to be as prepared as possible, AND it's another ultrasound (another chance for reassurance that everything is okay). I feel offended that he thinks I'm picky enough that I would be upset about a certain outcome. 😥

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