foul smell

So I never or rarely wear tampons. I put one in this morning and took it out awhile ago. It smelled like death. I had got a wiff of a foul smell while in class and was hoping it wasn't me (turns out it was). My crotch area of my clothing smells like death too (wearing a romper). Is this normal for tampon wearers? I did have intercourse in the morning, he ejaculated inside as always but sheesh this smell is horrible. Not sure what it could be. I tried googling things and yeast infection, vaginitis, and pregancy came up. I do not have a yeast infection or vaginitis. Although I have been suspecting a preganancy before bleeding. I'm on my last week of bc pills before placebo. My "period" is a week early. Had gagging symptoms when eating last week and abdominal pain. Going to gyno Friday. But for now, any ideas?