Cancer & Fertility

Bare with me while I try to give the short version of my story.
 I was diagnosed with Lymphoma when I was 25 and had an egg retrieval done right before starting chemotherapy. I was just months away from getting married so we fertilized them and ended up with 5 embryos that are in storage. My chemo (dose adjusted R-EPOCH) included Cytoxan which is well known for causing infertility and it doesn't help that it was dose adjusted to the maximum amount my body could handle (50/50 chance of infertility). The OBGYN at the hospital I got treated at put me on Lupron to suppress my reproductive system in an attempt to protect it. This is relatively new and unknown if it really "works" in protecting the ovaries/eggs. After I finished treatment and the Lupron wore off, I was in temporary menopause for about 5 months. My periods then returned and are somewhat regular although fluxate in cycle length from 21-28 days. I do appear to be ovulating per test strips but that doesn't prove fertility. My husband and I didn't use any protection all of last year (2016) and mostly avoided my fertile week but had a few slip ups and nothing happened. We have been actively trying since the end of December and have now gone through 3 cycles with no luck as of yet. I know 3 cycles isn't a "long" time for trying but given my fertility has a good likelihood of being compromised, I am curious to learn more from others who have been in the same/similar situation. And yes I have the embryos but I'd rather not use them if I don't have to, plus it costs a lot to put each one back in and it's not guaranteed to work. So we're keeping that as our last resort. 
So if you're still reading...
Any other cancer survivors out there TTC? Or pregnant? Or had a baby post treatment? If so, what chemo drugs were you on? Any that compromised your fertility? How long did it take to conceive? Any tips/tricks? Thank you in advance!