can hormonal imbalance and polycystic ovaries affect pregnancy tests

So on the 28th of February I had a pregnancy test done at the doctors and swobs done to check if have any infection or I'm pregnant which both came back negative but I feel like I'm pregnant I have all the symptoms even craving onions which I don't really like and been having dark brown discharge and tummy pain this carried on even after the doctors said it was negative so on the 6th of march I went to hospital (A&E) and they said that mostly likely pregnant with low hcg levels which are normal for me I think since I have a hormonal imbalance and suffering with polycystic ovaries but they booked me a emergency appointment with my doctor as it's not a hospital matter so that night I did a pregnancy test of my own which was invalid and again the morning which was negative so my question is can polycystic ovaries and hormonal imbalance affect urine pregnancy tests? If I am pregnant I'll roughly be around 7/8 weeks so In conclusion I've had two negative but one positive and two invalids on tests just really confused