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2 weeks before Thanks giving we found out my father was cheating on my mom it had supposedly been happening for around 3 years or so. Obviously my mom, 3 siblings (ages of 29,28,17) and i (21) were extremely heart broken. My mom still lives with my dad and all. My dad is now a KISS ASS towards my mom. Anything she wants he gets it for her. Anywhere she wants to go he'll take her. And my mom tells me "no hard feelings". Today in the morning i went to the house and mom had made breakfast for my dad & brother. At last when they both finished and left to the living room my mom sat down and finally had her meal.. She said out loud "Finally i get to sit down and eat!" my dad said "ill get you a lady so she can help you out with housework" (he's always mentioned on bringing a housekeeper since forever) and my mom replied back "you always mention to bring that lady here! You've known her for 4 years and never had the balls to bring her." i told my dad "nooo bring that hot black pharmacist that always asks for mom, he can help her out" (we're hispanics btw and my sisters pharmacist would always ask for my mom but since shes married she would respect my dad & now that we know my dad cheated we always mention that pharmacist😍) rolled his eyes and stayed quiet the whooole time.. When my mom said that to my my head i was like "yaaaas bitch slap it back into his face"