Krissy • Mama to 2 beautiful boys, 1 angel baby and currently pregnant with #3!
So my fiancé and I have been trying for over a year after his vasectomy reversal. Tests for him, tests for me, waiting, trying, etc. We finally got the go ahead and process started for <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">IUI</a>. I am currently on day 37 of my cycle. (Cycles have ranged from 30-35 days for the past year, other than the 53 day cycle I had when I had a cyst.) I am wanting my period to start so bad so I am able to start Clomid this cycle, and nothing at this point. I ovulated on day 23 of this cycle and just took a test, BFN. Where the hell is my period? I have been cramping, hungry and just plain grumpy for the past week and this just makes it worse. I am worried that all of sudden there is something wrong, that I have another cyst, or worse. I am starting to really despise this process and if my sanity can handle any more bad news or negative tests. All I want is 2 little pink lines.