long but need a friend

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Sorry I feel so stupid posting this but my bf literally won't do anything with me I ask him will u come here with me and he's like no garanteed like literally I have never had him say yes ever and I don't really have friends and while he goes out with his friends when ever they ask I literally do nothing cause I don't wanna go doing things alone I want someone to do them with, We have been together 5 years and it's been the same but I just ignore it and shrug it off, when ever he wants to go somewhere I go. I have mentioned this to him and I still get nothing, I feel as if I am not being able to live properly and experience life like normal couples cause I have someone who doesn't wanna do what I want to do. I'm 9 weeks away from giving birth to his baby and I'm lost and emotional and don't know what to do. Every single ex boyfriend I have ever had would do things with me.  I can't be with someone for the rest of my life who doesn't wanna do things with me???  Isn't that wat partners are for ?? Being your other half and joining each others life's together ?? Wanting to do things for who u love to see them happy ?? I also kinda think throwing away a relationship is pointless as my Nanna and grandad and parents if they broke up all the time over stuff like this they wouldn't have lasted over 30 years and are happy. He doesn't wanna get married or propose or anything and yet he proposed to one of his exs within a year and it's been nearly 6 years and nothing. I duno feel stupid for writing this I feel like a 12 year old or something  but I'm soooo emotional about it and maybe I can find someone with some ideas or someone who can help me :(:(