extremely nervous

I will be 16 weeks pregnant tomorrow.
I have been having what I am assuming is round ligament pain but called my doctor Yestersay ( Friday) bc I'm having cramping (mild) in the same spot for the last few days. They said more than likely round ligament pain but a cause for concern would be if I'm having more frequent discharge. They did not tell me what they are concerned it would be...I told them yes I am having more discharge than I had the before since this has started. I have an appointment Monday morning so they told me to come in then. But I am worried as hell because I'm also finding that I do not feel pregnant anymore. I have had no bleeding luckily but I'm no longer constipated (it was terrible before) my breasts don't feel heavy, I feel 100% normal other than I have a slight bump. this is my first pregnancy so I'm not sure what to expect but I am so worried. I'm hoping it is nothing but I don't want to go into my appointment blindly Monday. My husband and my mom are getting frustrated that I am nervous so I guess I just came here to vent. I am worried and everyone is being so dismissive which I hope is warranted but I justdont want to have blind confidence that everything is fine. Ugh 😔