from rainy days to sunshine of life

Hi I'm Quisha I am
22w1d I pregnant with twins di/di boy&girl got best of both worlds👩‍👧‍👦❤. My pregnancy was not planned it was very unexpected especially the twins part (twins does not run in my family nor his) so this is really spontaneous😁. From the beginning my pregnancy was not easy I was hospitalized the first 3 months of my pregnancy severe vomiting, acid reflex, bad bodyaches and a lot of stress from the father. I weigthed 167.5lbs when I was 4 weeks at 7 weeks I weigthed 152.5lbs at 12-16 or so weeks I was 140lbs and continued to lose weigth I lost weigth everywhere I was never fat had a lot of muscle then fat rapidly lost weigth everywhere arms,face,butt,thighs,calve and my skin was very pale had dark circles under my eyes everything I ate never stayed down. I recently had surgery done I had a very thin and short cervixe that measure 6-7mm but it wasnt open thank god  my doctor said if I went home I'd lose my babies I was only 18weeks. I was rushed to a room and scheduel for emergency surgery (cerclage to keep my cervixe closed). Surgery went great it was a very emotinal and scary pregnancy and experience but I have very strong faith in the lord and his angels two weeks I measured 160.5lbs my cervix measure 12mm stitches were still there and well closed. Now I am 22wks 1 day my baby girl and boy are kicking pushing around I'm happy excited and can't wait to see them their due date is July 19.17 which is the my birthday as well 👶🏽👶🏾🤰🏽😂, but I feel they'll be here in May in my mothers birthday. Everyday morning evening and I night I talk to them rub them and read the bible to them I've notice a great increase in their movement and happiet feeling I get when I do so now it has become a routine for us they'd kick me at 7-8am wake me up and read to them. This is my first pregnancy and I must say I'm loving every step of it . Thank you guysfor  Reading have a blessed wonderful and happy pregnancy. P.S I do hope I get my body back lower part especially 😂 I am a DD cup from a B cup and its just fat so these guys wont be going nowhere lol. Thnks guys 🙏🏽✨👼🏽👼🏽🤰🏽❤