Hyperemesis and Hypokalemia

I just had to share that this is my third pregnancy yet my first time needing to be hospitalized. I spent 3 nights and 4 days admitted to the hospital due to a dangerous low amount of potassium in my body and severe dehydration. I honestly can say I had never been that hungry nor thirsty in my entire life. I received 12 bags of potassium during my stay, and let me just tell you OW. I do feel that that pain was worse that having a c-section in my opinion. They had to administer it with saline because it burns so bad and makes your entire arm hurt. Not going to lie I cried at first lol. Finally they did an even mix of 40/40 saline and potassium and I was able to handle it just fine. I was on clear liquids for 2 days and full thick liquids for 2 days. I'm so happy to be home and able to actually hold down some food. I had my first solid in 9 days yesterday and it was the best sandwich of my life lol!!! Take care of yourself ladies. Make sure your potassium levels don't get too low. It makes your muscles cramp severely and it will make your heart stop or have palpitations. I experienced one moment where it felt like my heart did a back flip in my chest. Scared the crap out of me. Listen to your body and pay attention to your symptoms.