Let's Talk About Sex, Baby! TRIGGER ALERT


Okay. Here goes nothing.

So many young people are posting about having sex super young and facing backlash from people who also face backlash from others and are labelled as "haters" but please, just think about this.

If you are an adult, think back to your teenage years. How many of you were financially stable at the age of 14? No one? How many of you had a huge surplus of money at 16 and decided "hey, I know how I'll use all of that extra money - I'll pay for diapers for a child that I want to have!" no one, again?

The fact is that pregnancy and motherhood are TOUGH. It requires a high level of selflessness that many teenagers do NOT possess. Children aren't baby dolls - they cry, poop (and we aren't talking full turds, I'm taking about that diarrhea, somehow-goes-all-the-way-up-her-back-and-on-your-arm kind of poop), crave attention, and have SEVERAL needs that can get so frustrating that you just wanna cry and scream right back at the baby. I have 5 nieces and nephews that I have helped raise with three of my sisters, all teen moms.

Only one of them graduated high school. I'll say it again, only ONE out of three sisters stuck with it and graduated high school with a kid. The other two dropped out.

One is an exotic dancer and has had another son. The first was taken away and she is still fighting for custody, eight years later.

The second is 23 and regrets ever having a child. She actually wanted an abortion but was under pressure by our mother to keep the child and changed her mind. She had my niece at 18 and admits that she was not ready. She has never had a job and cannot drive. Do you know how frustrating it is for everyone else to have to help this kid because her mother is - I'll say it - irresponsible?

Another fact is that sex generally leads to pregnancy, whether sooner or later. None of my sisters expected children, but it still happened because they weren't safe about it. If you aren't able to fully support yourself and STILL have some money to spare, then you aren't stable enought to have a child and should NOT be having unprotected sex. I understand, LIFE HAPPENS. We all have had urges... But please, remember that it is not just you at stake here, but your family and partner - not to mention any surprise children.

Don't have unprotected sex until you can afford to. Now, go do your math homework; Lord knows that should be your biggest concern right now, not whether or not you could be pregnant.